Be Prepared!

As Benjamin Franklin said: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure ... ".

We created this site because the glaring reality of the Corona Virus exposed how unprepared we were for any kind of interruptions to your normal routine. We experienced many kinds of interruptions, including Interruptions in the food supply.

The toilet paper shortage was a HUGH surprise. These are not things that are normally foremost in our minds, but maintaining sanitary conditions in a disaster, or otherwise, is paramount in maintaining a disease-free environment.

We tend to take our ability to run to the supermarket, bank, home-improvement store, etc for granted. For those of us who go to the supermarket every week, or multiple times a week - what would happen if we're unable to re-stock our supplies for a week, or a month, or multiple months. Even more serious - what would happen if the water supply is shut off for any length of time?

Before the Corona Virus pandemic, these things would have seemed improbable, but now, we have to think that they they are entirely possible.

We live in a modern society, and there are professionals, whose jobs it is to come to our aid if needed, but we have to consider that aid may be very long in coming, or may not come at all - we may have to fend for ourselves.

This site focuses on providing product advice to people living in apartments, but this advice can also be useful to home owners. Apartment dwellers, though, do have a few more constraints than home owners do. E.g

  • Space available for storage
  • External storage: to store things like gas, etc
  • Inability to make permanent changes to the living space


The contents of this site are for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional or medical advice.

We simply aim to provide a listing of quality products that will be handy in a less than ideal situations.


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